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LED Cycling Signal Vest

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If you or your loved ones ride a bicycle for any purpose, you must know these daunting statistical facts:

  • In the USA alone, the number of bicyclist injuries every year is estimated to be as high as 500,000!
  • Being hit by a car is the most common cause of bicyclist injuries
  • Around 75% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas
  • And 75% of accidents happen at, or near, a road junction

Until now, the only thing that could make a cyclist visible in the dark was small low-intensity red taillight usually placed too low for visibility, or a standard reflective vest


The Cycling LED Safety Signal Vest is a bright and powerful remote-controlled vest that helps all cyclists be more visible and predictive while riding - during the day and night, and in all weather conditions! Using a powerful LED display, the vest creates high visibility, and signals direction (right, left, forward) and stopping intent to all surrounding drivers and pedestrians.

Due to its strength and design, the Cycling LED Safety Signal Vest is just as effective during the day and in harsh or low visibility weather conditions, as it is during the dark. It is incredibly effective at increasing visibility, informing other drivers on road about where you are turning, and preventing potential accidents which can save your life!

Wireless Remote Control!

Each Cycling LED Safety Signal Vest comes with a wireless remote controlled which can be charged with the charger provided. 



  • Helps Cyclists Be More Visible While Riding: This LED vest allows motorists to see you and understand which way you are planning to turn well in advance. High visibility keeps you safe in all weather conditions and during night and day. It is a vital tool for preventing accidents and keeping you safe. 
  • Maximum Visibility: The LED warning lights are extremely visible and much more effective than reflectors and plain bright-colored clothing. You can wear them in the dark, rain, snow, and even during the day for maximum visibility and safety. In addition, the vest includes a reflective strip for additional visibility.
  • Made for Anyone On the Road: This safety vest is great for those riding bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, and also for road runners and even construction crews working along the road. 
  • Easy to Use and Operate: Built-in bright LED lights are operated by a wireless remote control that can be fastened to your bike's handlebars. Press the buttons to indicate that you're turning right, left, straight or stopping so other drivers can be aware of your presence and where you are going. 
  • Adjustable and Convenient Wear: The vest is lightweight and has elastic adjustable strap buckles designed for convenient wear and can fit any size. 
  • Durable and Waterproof: the vest is made of strong and durable waterproof polyester, to ensure it withstands all weather conditions.


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